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Finding your Spark that makes you shine.....Its easier than you think find your spark Goddess harmony blog scaled

Finding Your God Spark Within

Finding the God Spark Within Yourself : It’s easier than you may think! There is something special about you and I that seems to be

get your shine on desai

Shine On

Shine On and on and On Beloved! Let no one dim your light or steal your Sparkle! Each day Place that crown on with Pride

Be Still

Be Still & Know

#bestill and #know ….. Did you take a moment to be in stillness today? Give thanks and appreciation! It’s never to late in a days minute sec or

You come for

Dream On & Create Your Reality

We are going to have a conversation about#DREAMS ….. We challenge you to dream big think larger than life of what you can accomplish which might

how far You have Come

How Far Have You Come??

I preach and teach this alot….. so many forget the importance of raising a glass to celebrate#success …. I notice when I treat myself cheer myself

Beautiful Joy Begins in you

Joy Begins in You!

Beautiful One, the Joy you seek out in life begins within you! Why settle for artificial & temporary forms of joy from outside sources when

Devine soul


The Devi- has so much to offer us …but the God/Goddess sees it is best expressed when experienced and felt by the #lightbeing who chooses to be