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Welcome to the beautiful journey of love, healing and self discovery.  This path you have chosen is bumpy but highly rewarding in countless ways.  

This space was created for amazing people like yourself to find answers, insight, guidance and tools for this lifelong lifestyle journey. 

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the desire to know your truest self is stronger than ever before...

The Answers You Have Been Seeking Lie Within YOU!!

Life has it challenges.  But it’s fair to say that the most unnerving challenge is and has been self-discovery and mastery.   This is often because we assume that in order to achieve either, we must find the answers outside of ourselves which may only provide hints but never a real solid answer.  Here at Goddess Harmony we help guide you on the internal journey of self through events, retreats, workshops, courses, products, masterminds, podcasts and  articles that empower your growth and awaken your magical gifts.

"a Journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step....."

.... And we are here to help!

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About Our Company

Goddess Harmony is an empowerment company established in 2016 that is dedicated to helping women around the world reclaim their power, rediscover their passions, remember their purpose and recognize their magic.  We recognize that women have gotten the short end of the stick and have been subdued into accepting a far lesser version of themselves to be the only important part of themselves and we want to do our part to show women a new possibility, awaken their infinite inner connection to greatness and help them strut into the greater future that awaits them!

Goddess Harmony - The Journey of 1000 Miles Begins here
What will You find Here?

Everything That Your Soul Has Been Longing For

The objective of this online haven is to  provide you with a place to learn as you awaken to something in you, heal old injured parts of you and walk boldly into the new you.  This absolutely takes time but it helps when you have guidance.   We aim to continue to create a space that allots for this and more as we too evolve as a community and beyond.

The Three Parts of the Sacred Journey....

Goddess Harmony Learn to heal Your Soul

Begin the Necessary Journey of Deep Inner Healing

In order to move forward on your journey, it is extremely helpful that you are learn why its' important to heal yourself. This part is always the most rewarding and is also the most challenging. You will find ways maneuver this with services and events that will help you jump-start your process and more along the pathway.
Goddess Harmony - Learning how-to Self Love & Self Care

Start the Journey of Learning Yourself & Enacting True Self-Love

After beginning to heal, you must reconnect to yourself and love yourself with more conviction than ever before.  You will find how-to guides on doing this process as well as how you can keep up practices of self-love rituals in forward motion through use of suggested products.
Goddess Harmony - Align to Your Greatness

Empowering Your Magic & Synchronizing to your greatness

Once you have started healing and loving you begin the journey to becoming something more.  Here You can find articles that help you understand lost perspectives.  And because the  journey to becoming can be lonely, we have a Facebook group that builds a sisterhood that honors this part of the journey.
Here is what some of our tribe members have had to say

I love Goddess Harmony & everything they stand for. I would recommend anyone that is debating on whether to take this spiritual journey or not, to just do it. Invest in yourself, give yourself the attention you deserve, and allow yourself to heal.

Allie V Psychologist

I have watched my spirituality flourish under her empowerment. There is no coincidence or doubt she is known as Goddess Harmony. Her Reiki healing has had a profound impact on my personal journey and highly recommend her. 💜

Apryl H Massage Therapist

It was a truly healing experience, I learned so much and I’m still using the guidance that I received. Thank you Goddess Harmony!

Ms Moe Celebrity Photographer

So dear Beautiful Soul....

Are You Ready to journey?!?

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This blog is loaded with articles and videos that will always encourage you in one form or another to heal & evolve yourself. Your perspectives on ideas will broaden if you allow it and your mind, heart & soul will grow on many, many levels. Our intentions are that you can take something away from every read and be able to openly share it with others also on a path of self~evolution!

Not Sure You are ready to walk this self-discovery journey Alone??

no worries Love!

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Our Founder & CEO Khepra El started this site as a movement to help women recognize the more that exist inside of them and sometimes this cannot be done all by one’s lonesome.  Aside from the podcast, blogs, courses, workshops, Facebook groups and live or virtual events, you can also get one~on~one guidance through services or intuitive life coaching offered by Khepra El. 

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Growing alone is never any fun.  I mean, we are meant to be a garden of beautiful flourishing flowers, right?!? Being a member of a flourishing, thriving, vibing community has its longstanding perks that goes on for years. So, we are coupling that with offering quarterly opportunities to grow together at amazing live events, riveting retreats, virtual workshops, monthly calls, mini courses and monthly ceremonies

So What are you waiting on Love....

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