Putting together luxury live events that offers an opportunity to connect, grow and heal.  This is a big thing for us here at Goddess Harmony.  Seeing everyone gather to support one another is just one of the perks of these sisterhood moments. Below are two of our top events that we have had the pleasure of presenting.  But we do have a few more that we will be adding to this list very soon so be sure to add your name to the event list so you can be made aware of their details when they are ready to be shared. 

Pamper Heal Atlanta

Elevating Workshops

Our 2019 Devine Feminine Healing Tour had an encore presentation in the Atlanta!

The Women raved and loved the experiences they had and many wrote in about how they evolved their self-love levels.  This Event is in the works of becoming a weekend workshop course that will help women unlock deeper levels and ways to love themselves more and more and more.  If you would like this brought to your city or just want to sign up for the next Atlanta Event!

Life Altering Luxury Retreats

Our All-Inclusive luxury retreats are packed full of local outings, one-on-one healing sessions, mini-courses, amazing food and so much MORE!

Join us for 5 days at a top-notch beach location where we use our time together to learn, practice, grow, explore and more.  This event wraps up with an amazing closing ceremony that will boost your confidence and awaken the magic hiding within you.  Our next Goddess Evolving Retreat is scheduled to take place in Hawaii and you will not want to miss the goodness in store.

Goddess Evolving Retreat

Join the Waitlist & Be Informed of our next Luxury events or retreat!

Hey Loves!  So we are excited about the upcoming  functions and gatherings coming your way that you won’t want to miss.  So, take a moment and drop all the info required and we will send you message via text or email when we have the deats to an all new fabulous events!

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Goddess Harmony Inc. is an empowerment company that aims to assist with spiritual growth, Self-Discovery and Self- Realization.  Via our blow, we share insights to help your daily journey, products in our store to enhance your vibration and events to bring about sacred sisterhood and build a support community.