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We put together luxury live events to offer an opportunity for goddesses to connect, grow and heal.  This is a big thing for us here at Goddess Harmony.  Seeing everyone gather to support one another is just one of the perks of these sisterhood moments. Below are two of our top events that we have had the pleasure of presenting.  But we do have a few more that we will be adding to this list very soon so be sure to add your name to the event list so you can be made aware of their details when they are ready to be shared. 
Goddess Harmony retreats invite

Life Altering Luxury Retreats

Our All-Inclusive luxury retreats are packed full of local outings, one-on-one healing sessions, mini-courses, amazing food and so much MORE!

Join us for 5 days at a top-notch beach location where we use our time together to learn, practice, grow, explore and more.  This event wraps up with an amazing closing ceremony that will boost your confidence and awaken the magic hiding within you.  Our next Goddess Evolving Retreat is scheduled to take place in Hawaii and you will not want to miss the goodness in store.

Goddess Evolving Retreat

Elevating Events

The gh Flyers 2023

She R.O.S.E:
A Healing Self-Love Workshop & Retreat

It’s time to raise the bar of self-love and dive a bit deeper into the journey…. it’s time to rewrite your self-love story!

Join us for this weekend event and learn how to elevate into a new level of awareness of self-love.   Enjoy an interactive workshop with workbook and healing experiences throughout the entire weekend and partake in beautiful surprises all weekend.  This two day event is to be held at a beautiful private location and will include swag bags, teeshirt, materials and meals to cover the two days. overnight stays come with one-on-one session but you must inquire after securing your ticket. If you are ready treat yourself to an amazing experience and wish to take things with yourself to the next level with yourself this year, you’ll want to be here!!

Pop-UP Healing Events

Hey Southern Californians…. The sun is out and the good times are rolling.  So come and join us for some healing vibes.

This event is our local so-cal pop up event happening every weekend of 2023. We offer every customer and vendor alike complimentary energy resets and an optional H.A.L.O healings to clear out any bad vibes you’ve collected from your busy work week so you can start a new week out on a great start. Locations may vary and may be found on our shops instagram page…..

Godis Shop Pop Up Healing Center

The Divine Feminine Experience 2.0

Our 2019 Devine Feminine Healing Tour had a reboot presentation in the Los Angeles!

So many Women raved and loved the experiences they had from 2019 that we decided when the time was right we’d do it again but this time for Los Angelenos.  This Event helped women release things holding them from becoming their best version of self and unlock deeper levels of self acceptance.  If you would like this brought to your city, sign up below

The Pamper & Heal Event

Our 2019 Devine Feminine Healing Tour had an encore presentation in the Atlanta!

The Women raved and loved the experiences they had and many wrote in about how they evolved their self-love levels.  This Event is in the works of becoming a weekend workshop course that will help women unlock deeper levels and ways to love themselves more and more and more.  If you would like this brought to your city or just want to sign up for the next Atlanta Event!

Pamper Heal Atlanta

Weekend Workshops

An All-Inclusive luxury weekend retreat and workshop packed full of gifts, one-on-one healing sessions, life changing learnable tools, amazing food and so much MORE!

Our workshops are spent jam packed with lire changing experiences.  We believe that you deserve to have the life of your dreams and to have thos will require changes.  Therefore our event equip you with what you need to optimize the Goddess that lies within you. Stay tuned for the next opportunity to learn and heal coming to a city near you. 

DFE Tour Flyer

What Our Attendees Say

Our hearts flutter at the feedback each and every time.  The kindness, the genuine words and the great “ah-ha” moments always leave us feeling like “mission accomplished” and warms our hearts.   Check out what some have shared about their experiences  with our events…..

I had the great pleasure of attending Khepra's the Divine Feminine Experience held in Charlotte. I highly recommend to anyone who's cup is empty to take part in this event.  I was pampered, educated and healed all at once. The gift bags and give aways were very meaningful and an added bonus. The guided meditations and sound therapy were surreal and also my favorite part. The foot soak was a much needed release for each of the attendees. Khepra took me on a journey to a place inside myself that I didn't know existed. I discovered spiritual connections that I am egar to embrace. I am curious to know where this new path we lead me to. In all it was an joyful expensive, not to mention a great girls night out well worth the money. Grab you and your friend a ticket to find your inner Goddesses and see what divine messages await you.
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The Devine Feminine experience - Charlotte
The Devine Feminine Experience here in Atlanta was exactly that: a profoundly unique and life altering experience based on the truth of who each of us are as powerful women. Khepra is a master spiritual facilitator, leader, and adept wise Woman. As a trained Priestess Initiate, I am well versed in the complexities of balancing true ancient wisdom and esoteric knowledge with present day issues in sacred space. As such, I can attest to the seamless way Khepra provided a safe, open, and authentic place where each of us were able to connect with the Divine as we each know Her to be. Also, to feel supported to bravely explore who we are in a space designated just for women is a powerful way to recharge and remember our purpose and true selves. I believe you will leave changed. You will leave bolder and wiser. Not only would I recommend any woman attend this workshop, but also to consider her your personal spiritual counselor and mentor.
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Dr. Christina
The Devine Feminine experience - Atlanta
Attending the Goddess evolving retreat was one of the best decisions I️ ever made. I️ had never attended any type of retreat before, so I️ didn’t know quite what to expect but in the end I️ was for sure impressed with the experience. The all inclusive price I️ paid was definitely worth it. The daily food, yoga, accommodations, and entertainment were all phenomenal! Ultimately the retreat Indeed initiated a sacred journey for me spiritually. It was just what I️ needed to take me to the next level of my spiritual journey. I️ highly recommend it for all who have some soul searching and healing to do! I️ definitely plan on attending more of Goddess Harmony retreats in the future.
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Goddess Evolving Retreat Initiate
I had a very deep experience at the Goddess Evolving Retreat. I learned how important it was to center myself and to love myself. I found myself in tears most times as I released hurtful issues I was dealing with. This was a blessing to my life as I was able to move forward with my current self and let go of past issues. I highly recommend the Goddess Evolving Retreat. Beyond the life changing spiritual experience, Kephra is highly engaging. She has a spirit of servitude to her clients to provides the most healthy and supportive environment. The meals provided were very healthy and fit all diets. The house was comfortable and accommodating. The retreat was well planned and thought through. I left feeling refreshed, renewed and ready for the world!
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Goddess Evolving Retreat Initiate

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