What is Reiki?

Reiki healing is a form of laying on of hands. The healer will move through a series of hand positions on and around the patient sending energy to each area while dwelling for a few minutes in each place of the body to clear the energy at that particular point. During this period, Reiki energy will be transferred through the healer to the patient. This energy will be used by the patient’s body to help with his or her problem areas or even by releasing emotional blockages.  This energizes you, heals you and empowers your soul!!

Goddess Harmony offers full Reiki treatment in the comfort of your own home. We offer 2 differing but worthwhile services options, Long Distant Treatment or Local Mobile treatment. During  our consultation phone call, you will receive directions on what to do during our time slot and what to expect.  The healing will take between 45 & 60 minutes and a 15-30 minute consult is included thereafter to discuss findings and answer questions. Whether in person or distant, the results remain the same & you will feel all the more prepared to take on the world!

Goddess Harmony Reiki treatments are very convenient for the patient. There is no need to remove any clothing and treatments can be given with the patient either sitting up in a chair or preferably, lying down. The treatment can work through bandages, plaster casts, space & time. A Reiki treatment is very deeply relaxing and many patients report feeling a sensation of warmth flowing into their body and at times may even come across as a cold or a tingling feeling. Frequently, after a treatment, patients feel as if they have had several hours of very satisfying sleep and have stated that they feel ready for anything.

Reiki does not limit itself purely to addressing the patients symptoms, but treats the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. The universal energy promotes wellness rather than just curing illness. You do not have to be ill to benefit from a treatment. It is important to understand no form of energy therapy, including reiki, should NOT substitute your doctors care however sessions may be used in conjunction to the care plan that you may already have in place as an amplifier to those current treatments.

Our treatments not only include ancient reiki but also sound, color & aroma therapies to advance your wellness and hit all marks of the Hu-man senses. Reiki Master Khepra utilizes several forms of reiki and energy healing modalities to provide our clients with all that they need to become their best & greatest self.

Please inquire for more info or submit questions to info@goddessharmony.com or via or contact form here. Appointments may be made via phone or email. Also check out our Online Store for products! We hope to be of greater assistance to you soon beautiful soul!