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Goddess Coloring Page Of the Week!

Artistic Relaxation!!

Sometimes you need to just relax the mind and unwind….  

Coloring helps to  de-stress and alleviates anxiety.  By focusing on using your natural creation energy, you begin to activate a state of calmness within you and You will also boost your esteem levels.  Now that you have a few of the facts, Here is another added bonus we are throwing in for you:

  • Each week we will be posting a new coloring sheet for you to download from our site for FREE
  • Post your colored sheet, snap a pic and share with your friends via Instagram & Facebook
  • We will be giving away a product each and every week from our Harmony Luxx store
  • Be entered into our weekly give away of Goddess products from our Harmony Luxx store by tagging us in your art work

    *tagging is required in order to be entered into the weekly contest and to win
    ** New sheets will post each Sunday winners will be announced each Monday

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Do you need something to keep your kids busy for the next few weeks.  This site has you covered!!

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