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“Hey Love!! Thanks for checking us out!  

Goddess Harmony is a dream made reality for me.  I longed for a place I can constantly grow with and inside of that also supports me on this journey in various ways.  And when I couldn’t find what I desired, I vowed to build it for other women, creating a vibe tribe, that was seeking the same things I was and still am on this lifestyle journey.  I hope you take a moment and Subscribe yourself AND join our Facebook Group so you can officially join the family.”

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My Amazing journey didn't start out that way...

There was a time for me on this journey when I ached to understand myself and discovering myself was something I had not a clue of how to do.  I had only wished I had a place to go and connect with other like minds, ask deep questions and be able to find some real solid answers to.  But Back when I started,  there wasn’t much and what I did find was not quenching my souls thirst.  

In 2005, I was still quite an introvert and sought out answers via bookstores and internet searches.  There was the occasional local meetup but I always left unfulfilled and wanting something more.  I knew somethings like meditation would help and even began to explore the use of crystals, sacred geometry and books to find some deeper cosmic answers.  This part of learning was vast and I soaked up everything but it became daunting trying to keep up with websites for answers to all things or just constantly sitting at the computer on google seeking answers.  

As I continued,  I only desire more.  I began to create practices and soul rituals that helped me learn more about myself and how to tap into my innate gifts that I had long ago shelved.  It took me almost 10 years to figure out myself and just after that I began doing energy healings, soul readings and life/business consultations with other women who always ended up asking me, how did I get where I was and if I could help them do the same.  I always gently reminded them that we are all able but only had to remember the superpower within and to not be afraid to lean into it or grow it.  I always imagined thereafter what an amazing world we would live in if EVERY WOMAN ACTIVATED HER DIVINE POWER, recognized & accepted that she is more than JUST a mother, wife daughter etc and most importantly remember that she has another purpose built inside of her in addition to all the roles she took on!  The vision of this was sooo fulfilling and inspiring that I knew something had to be built to help enact this …… But, I did not feel capable nor did I feel qualified to build anything for a collective which meant there was still work I had to do within myself. After completing the first Goddess Harmony Retreat in 2017,  I felt confident enough and was invigorated by the outcome of the participants (even still to this day), I knew it was time and ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for me to do this and post-haste.  

I had this vision given during meditation of a mega site that offered up everything women would need to make this journey.  It included products, services, courses, events and a fly ass blog that goddesses could find super useful in answering questions as they embarked on their journey.  This was a massive undertaking that honestly excited me and frightened me at the same time especially with knowing what it would require of my time as a busy mother of 5 at the time and the current business operations I was already fulfilling.  In the end, what trumped those feelings is knowing there were women who NEEDED this and DESIRING a sacred space to build themselves, access resources, gain insight, find true sisterhood and grow themselves into who they know they truly are here to be in every capacity and I had an obligation to fulfill..

It is my greatest hopes that YOU find solace here on Goddess Harmony.  It is equally important that you find healing here, new perceptions here and more importantly growth within.  May you allow yourself to explore and discover yourself on a deeper level so that you ultimately remember that your greatness is your birthright and your super-power waiting  to be unlocked and fully utilized

Taking Back Your Power in 5 easy steps

Your Devine Throne & Crown Awaits You

The sacred journey is the discovery of who you truly are and deciding to take the step towards this is the action required to finally claim what is rightfully yours!!

It's Time to Vibrate higher

As you begin to unlock those nuggets of your golden self, your energy will without a doubt vibrate higher!  You will begin to remove things in your life that are holding you back from a higher purpose or existence and much more.  This small disclaimer is here to remind you that who you are now is only a snippet of the full amazing version of you and there will be some things required to happen for HER to evolve into you but the journey is amazing and IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Vibrate Higher

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but You don't have to Walk IT alone...

I am a certified coach, minister, reiki master & hypnotherapist.  AND I am willing to utilize every tool necessary to help you unlock the SELF you never knew existed.

Should you desire to move into the rewarding journey of self-discovery full fledged, it is important that you know that you do not have to do it alone.  I have walked the path (and am still on it just like you) and I have found the greatest way to use my intuitive and innate gifts to help humanity…. to help women awaken the magic within them.

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What Past clients say...

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"This woman is highly blessed with the powers in speaking positivity into your life when you feel as though you can't turn anywhere else. Her listening skills are impeccable as she never gives her opinion of what you should be doing in your individual life's journey but instead giving you life tools to be able to conquer the current rewards and challenges in your current state of mind,career,environment, social, and personal life. Crossing paths with this spiritual Goddess, as the name speaks for itself, is a hidden gem in your support system that will follow up outside of your sessions to ensure your doing well!"
~ K. Petersen

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"Khepra came into my life during my postpartum journey. I had a really difficult pregnancy and really needed someone to help me get back to feeling my best self again. She was truly a godsend. Khepra is very intuitive. Her energy was warm, kind and inviting. She was easy to talk to and it felt like I had known her for forever. There were a number of things that I wanted to work on with her and she tackled each one. After every session I instantly felt lighter and was ready to conquer the world. .I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me. I will continue to use the tools she has provided for me and taught me. I highly recommend Khepra and any of her services!
~ A. Singh

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"I must admit that I was a skeptic to this whole process, but ever since Khepra started guiding me through the Soul Alchemy coaching about six months ago, I have developed a deeper sense of self. She helped me shift my relationship with my body into a space of love and connection. I remember every time I got off the phone with her I felt re-energized, ready, and less fearful of life. She challenged me in the subtlest of ways, so much so that most of the time I didn’t even realize how much change was taking place.She is incredibly gifted with spiritual connected-ness that heals even the most disconnected of souls."
~ A. Venoy

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Goddess Harmony Inc. is an empowerment company that aims to assist with spiritual growth, Self-Discovery and Self- Realization.  Via our blow, we share insights to help your daily journey, products in our store to enhance your vibration and events to bring about sacred sisterhood and build a support community.