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S.o.l.Keys Series

In this series, we talk with many of the amazing souls who have already been walking the enlightened path and learn about the S.O.L. Keys they used to unlock their greatness.



In this series, we go in depth with useful tools, practices & modalities needed to get to the level of self & soul mastery.


The Lifestyle Series

In this series of talks we will go into the lifestyle required or acquired once you have discovered who you truly are and are walking towards in your becoming.


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Humanity is Awakening...

We are discovering there is more about us than we ever knew.

And as we enter into this new age of soul self awareness we are acknowledging the ancient wisdom of ourselves that has been long overlooked and in many way forgotten about

Enjoy an intro session...

The Podcast Rundown

Season #1

The S.O.L. Keys ~ Session 1

The S.O.L. has many doors and levels.  Many corridors lead to magical pathways us you have the right key to unlock what is behind that cosmic door.  This is not as mystical as it sounds but it is extremely important to Re-member.  Many of have lost sight of our path and connection to the source of our being so together we will re-align and re-discovery and most importantly find the keys.

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Hi, I'm Khepra!!

Hey Beautiful Soul! I am Khepra El.  I am not only the podcaster of this show but also a wife, mother, grandmother,  serial entrepreneur, author, energy healer, Spirit Medium, Shaman, Doctor of Divinity & Metaphysics and a Transformational Spiritual Life Coach with a strong passion to help the world evolve into their Divinity.

I am here to not only HONOR the Devine within you but assist You in unlocking your greatness.  The world is in need of your light, your wisdom and your magic. Let’s vibe together to release stagnant energy, rediscover your passions, ignite your purpose and become YOUR greatest of all time 🐐 💜

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The Frequently Asked Questions

We will only share one session a week.  Each session will be released every Wednesday and various ones will give you tips and information that you can implement until we meet again. 

Depending on the availability of my schedule I am open to personal Coaching of various forms.  You may send me an email to letsvibe@walkingindivinitypodcast.com or fill out a contact form HERE!

I am always open to vibe with others on the path to their divine self.  Please reach out to me with details of your podcast and the dates you need then I will get in touch either way.

Most of these may be found available for free via a link under each weekly podcast for 7 days.  After this point, the offerings will only be available on our exclusive site for our subscribers found HERE.

The podcast subscriptions will vary from $5 a month for printable downloads of each week up to $25 a month for everything we offer that month plus a bonus recording or downloadable ebook.  Click HERE to learn More!

Many new opportunities for live events are planned but aren't quite released yet to the public until we find the proper spaces for our listeners that is ideally safe and healthy for all.  Be sure to subscribe below so you can stay in the know via our email shout outs.

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