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Post: Finding Your God Spark Within

Finding your Spark that makes you shine.....Its easier than you think find your spark Goddess harmony blog scaled
Finding your Spark that makes you shine.....Its easier than you think find your spark Goddess harmony blog scaled

Finding the God Spark Within Yourself :
It's easier than you may think!

There is something special about you and I that seems to be forgotten.  It is something that we forget to activate or turn on or even connect to for most of our lives and unfortunately for a few the whole life.  After reading the title of this post you are likely in your head with trying to figure out just how do you connect to this God Spark.  And secondly how will this actually help me in my life on day to day?? 

Well, there are a few things that are necessary for you to remember first.  The most pertinent memory one must unlock is that YOU are an aspect of creation.   YES. YOU. ME. WE. US.  Everything in existence stems from an infinite life source.  Our emotions, that plant  by your bed, the bird outside your window, all living things and yes – inanimate objects in a slight way.  We are a particle of the supreme energy and on this journey it exist inside of you — ahem I mean Us.   

“Your greatest awakening comes, when you are aware about your infinite nature.” 
Amit Ray
Author of Meditation: Insights & Inspirations

The spark of your very existence started right here.  (Check out those Flames or sparks above)…  You do not need to do much for this part of your quest to connect to the God-sparm because it exist with or without your knowing; but, like anything else inside or with the human body,  you can evolve it. You can expand it.  You can grow it. 

When you become aware of its existence,  it’s in that moment that your growth with your spark will begin.  Your mind heart and soul will shift to a higher frequency just by acknowledging it living within you.  Visualize that it is there.  See where it is.  Feel it.  How does it feel??  Did you get an explosion of emotion?  Did you find awe in its beauty?  Did you feel warmth overtake you?   I know I did!!!  It was and still is a great high!  Now this may take more practicing and continued connecting but when you have it in your grips its quite unshakeable.  After you  have absorbed some of this #goodness Your job thereafter is to maintain your connection to it.  You maintain the heightened vibration and awareness of self by keeping up a solid practice.  Inside the next few sections, i will list the 5 ways you can keep your connection.  These are suggestions but nonetheless, it is solely your choice of how this practice should go.   To actual see how this can help you grow, you will need to connect often.   Your infinite well of magic will grow when you connect inside of your energy existence.  You do this first by way of your thoughts and then by your intentions.  Do you think and know that this connection can grow you? What do you intend to do with it inside of your own life to make a difference in the world around you? 

We have forgotten how power full we truly truly are.   Think about it….You are an energy ball of light that intended to exist and like magic you did. You became.  You are that #powerful and amongst the lulling of the matrix program here on earth you have forgotten.  But #Noworries,  this spell will not hold you anymore….if you so choose.  Today you can choose to  break this chain on your mind.  Your magical intentions are the primary steps to realizing who you are and what you can do.  You have the power to create because that spark of life gifted to you by the divine creation has provided you and afforded you the opportunity to do the same as it did.  Thousands of babies born everyday show us this in action.  You can experience anything you truly desire.  It happens by the thought then the action.

Organize your mind to grow in infinite directions by practicing the following steps.

Connect to your inner Godspark with these
5 Tips

Tip #1 Practice More Mindfulness Techniques

  1. 1.
    the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
    “their mindfulness of the wider cinematic tradition”
  2. 2.
    a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.
    This being explained allots for you to put the practice to  use.   To be mindful of what you are feeling, doing and experiencing as you are connecting expands you even faster.  It also makes the most of your inner journeying time.  Mindfulness practiced outside of this connection time helps in other major ways to making this tip a infinite keeper.

Tip #2 Recite & Write Out Affirmations

If you are unsure about this one, let me be the one to tell ya that Affirmations ab-sol-utely WORK!  It’s important that we speak life into ourselves often and make better practice of  the right use of our words.  Taking this up another quick notch, when you write them out daily as well.  This activates 2 parts of the bodily senses  and using two parts of the brain simultaneously. Keep a notebook of them with you on hand and spend at least 20 minutes each day doing this practice alone.  Remember to record how you are feeling before and after so you can witness your own results.

Tip #3 Take A Social Media Break

Yup.  This should of been NUMERO UNO but as it is,  we will continue.  In order to tune in one must tune out.  By and when you disconnect from those things that distract your attention, you have the opportunity to replace it with greater intentions  that can potentially grow your mind, body and soul.   I have done this many times as a social media hiatus and have felt more powerful and more spiritually intact than before.  This disconnect allows for a faster and more solid re-connections to the divine source that resides within.  Then after deciding to let go of those entertaining apps,you’ll find more time to read, soul search and watch more soul inspiring things to heighten your growing self awareness.

Tip #4 Listen to Binural Soundwaves

Music is a universal  way we all vibe with.  The magic of this is that You can hear a tune and always find a way to tune in.  It is our nature seeing as  we too are vibrations.  (That’s another article post for you to follow up on soon.)  Anyhow….vibing out to the right kinds of music to build your connection helps a whole lot more than one could imagine.  For instance, binaural sound frequencies are manufactured with pitches of tones that tap into levels of your own frequency that need finer tuning.  By some magical way, it amplifies your energy and I obviously do not know the logistics of it but I am CERTAIN that they work because I have utilized them on my self and with clients for years.  You can find a plethora of selections on Youtube.  My favorite channel with awesome binaurals would be Lokosmotivos Meditation Music found on Youtube Here!  

Tip #5 Practice Self Loving Acts

Loving yourself is the greatest way to connect to that infinite power source.  You may do this by honoring yourself with a special meal or doing something that makes your heart sing.  Alternatively, You can spend quite time with yourself listening to quiet uplifting music and writing about things that you’ve learned that you love about yourself.  Essentially, Its all about re-establishing yourself with yourself and appreciating who you are instead of the lesser negative rhetoric and self-talk  we are habitual of doing.  You are in a sense going to be filling up your own cup by plugging in to its infinite supply or even better YOU’LL BE  GETTING HIGH OFF YOUR OWN SUPPLY….. of L-O=V-E!!!   Lol..Yup…. I certainly like that last one much better. ;D  But with all jokes aside…… this is the #best.    For some, getting started with loving themselves may be a bit of a challenge and this is not uncommon.  So I suggest this, instead of Loving the God outside of yourself, try connect to the divine connection within you, feel the magnificent force within you and then see it now vibrantly living inside of you as a part of you.  This love you feel will catch a hold of you rather easily because the truth is that  you cannot love one part  of yourself and not eventually begin to love the other. #facts

Now that we have covered those tips....

Whew!  Okay we have journeyed long and hard in this this post but its all well worth it.  These 5 tips are super powerful when used in conjunction with one another along with your visualization practice.   Now, as I close this extended post out I leave you with this  loving reminder….. The Loving spark of Life you have experienced is your most prized possession, superpower and it is the core of you….Don’t you  ever forget that…Use it to activate your greatness.  May you unlock your divine greatness.  #destinyawaits

Loving you Always in ALL WAYS….Kosmic Kisses from me to you!

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Khepra El

Blog Author | Spiritual Guide | Intuitive life Coach

Thank You for Taking the Time to Read this Post.  May you find it helpful, useful and shareable with the ones that you Love…

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