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Finding your Spark that makes you shine.....Its easier than you think find your spark Goddess harmony blog scaled

Finding Your God Spark Within

Finding the God Spark Within Yourself : It’s easier than you may think! There is something special about you and I that seems to be

Climb the Mountains

Climb Your Mountains

Those Mountains you have been carrying for years, were meant to fortify your strength. They were made to make you solid and bronze you. Each

Life is better

Life is Better…

In the words of #thejoker “why so Serious”…Live a little more by laughing A lot more. Some years ago I read an article that stated people who

stay strong

Stay Strong!!

You have within you a PILLAR of strength! Lean on it when you need it’s yours first before it is everyone else’s, Stay Joyous, Stay

how far You have Come

How Far Have You Come??

I preach and teach this alot….. so many forget the importance of raising a glass to celebrate#success …. I notice when I treat myself cheer myself


AFFIRM:: I Approve of Myself!

Do you approve of yourself?? If you pondered longer than a second to answer….there is room to improve your #approval ratings! Recite this affirmation daily until your

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Divine Beginnings

Did you know that YOU come from Stardust?  Did you know that you come from Angelic/Benevolent Beings?  Did you know that you Have DiVINESS built

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#AffirmIT I allow myself to feel all the e-motions that arise in me!”  Anger, JOY, sadness, EAGERNESS, anxiety… whatever you feel allow it to flow