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Post: Goddess Spotlight: Goddess Kali Ma – Goddess of Liberation

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AdobeStock 60452046 kali

Goddess Spotlight: Goddess Kali Ma -
The Goddess of Liberation

Goddess Kali Ma is one of the most known and yet misunderstood of the goddesses.  She is thought to be a feminine energy that serves a darker purpose but it is a thought furthest from the truth.  The images of her do lead up to this misunderstanding and will have you shudder. Her depictions are a far cry from the “pretty” we are used to looking at in a Goddess but the beauty of her lies in her Love which defines something far greater. If you have not seen any of them, trust me enough, if you will, to read this first and then investigate further later.  

In being 100% honest, I too once had a very skewed view of Kali Ma just like many others here in the western culture.  I literally avoided her like the plague and whenever I heard of someone working with her energy it caused a pause and a thought of “but why”.  That is until she showed herself and helped me to understand that I was dealing with a level of fear that needed to be released.   I had to understand her beyond her pictures as they do not truly represent who she is.  Through her guidance and soft whispers,  I found an  even deeper understanding of her essence. 

Kali is a primordial Mother Goddess.  She is a protector and a bit of a warrior in spirit but not so much in her presence.  There are trillions of mothers of past and present that completely inner-stand this protect-at-all-means but I-still-love-you presence.  Her warrior spirit is based in a pure infinite Love to liberate those who need it most in whatever variable form they need it.

When she entered into my cipher, it was during a time that I was dealing with F.E.A.R.  I had started facing some hard hitting issues and had just completed a YouTube video of a deep and compelling channeled message on the topic…. Wait….Just now as I write this in retrospect,  I realize that it could have very well been her.  Hmmmmm!  Better Yet and with confidence I will say that it was definitely her.  I now know that it was indeed her energy that had come to deliver that compelling message.  Check it out on the Youtube channel here.  

This journey with her persisted for weeks.  She showed me what my fears were, how they were disabling me and more importantly She pushed me to overcome them.   The alignment that has taken place since has helped me to take on the task of releasing things that was restricting my growth.  Through it all, I am so very thankful and full of gratitude for her presence and her assistance. Her lessons freed me enough to help me step into another level of destiny and  has helped  others free themselves as well.  I feel the difference within me and the empowerment energy she brings continues to surge on.  

It may all seem very intense to read and, well, it is, without a doubt.  I have come to understand and respect that as there are seasons for all things to exist, they have a place and we must respect even if we do not understand their existence initially. This includes any essence of being associated to the season or the experience.  At this very point in our human evolution, Kali-Ma is screaming out for us to cut away the inner demons, heavy energies, the burdening egos and the bulging baggage of our past.  She desires us to be more than what we currently represent and to do and be this UN-APOLOGETICALLY.   

There is a  calling that is on all of our futures and our human evolution depends on how lightweight we allow ourselves to be in order to fulfill the missions necessary.  This task expects us to empty ourselves of emotional turmoils, mental misconceptions, constricting characteristics and paralyzing past experiences that we have found ourselves anchored in.  This is required of us so we can elevate our vibrations and our souls.

Goddess Kali Ma has cut away insecurities and loosened the chains of hurt that I have carried for far to long.  My mind is much much more clearer.  I am less tense about certain issues and less connected to emotional experiences.  She has given me new eyes to see with and wisdom to walk with on my journey.  This goddess is certainly one that you connect with and level up with more and more each time but you must be serious about your journey because her work is not lite work.  You must do the heavy duty clean up work required after releasing what she cuts away.  As for me and my experience,  this liberation has been gratifying and humbling and I am grateful for it in  every infinite way..

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Khepra El

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