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Post: 14 Ways to Love Yourself More This Valentines Day

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20 Ways You can show Yourself Love scaled

14 Ways To Love Yourself More This Valentine's Day

Ahhh The day of LOVE for LOVERS!  Februrary 14th has become A beautiful day that we outward express our affection and appreciation for the ones we love deeply.  But what about loving yourself just as much on this chocolatey romantically filled & stuffed day.  I believe that a new tradition is justly in order.  A day dedicated to loving yourself just as much.  

I mean, imagine what the world would be like if every one poured just as much love into themselves as they do their significant other on this amazing day.  Not to buck the tradition but just simply because YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVED BY YOU!  Well  if this makes a lick of sense to you read on because I am going to list 14 ways you can love yourself on Valentine’s Day (or any day)!

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#1 - Cease the Negative Self-Talk

Now be honest, How many times in a day do you say something about what you should’ve, would’ve, could’ve did or how “fat” you’ve gotten or bashing your self for a decision you made.  Well love I am here to tell you that you deserve better than that….period.  If we won’t take it from the next, then you shouldn’t take it from yourself either.  Your self-talk should be real because yes we have to be true to ourselves, but, it should also be motivating you to do or make your next best move etc.  If you catch yourself inside of a degrading self talk, pause say cancel delete and change the direction ASAP.

#2 - Activate Boundaries

As simple as it sounds, quite often it’s not…..for some.  Healthy boundaries are amazing to have in place.  They protect you but when active they also are also the greatest single act of self-love. A boundary that keeps in mind your mental, emotional and physical health is uber necessary and should never be slighted.  So that annoying somebody that you haven’t told that they need to stay away or out of your way…. yeah it’s time to draw the line boo.  Of course, it is my great  hope that you do it with the upmost class and taste. ;D

#3 - Celebrate How Far You've Come

” Aye Yo, tell me where the party at” ……. News flash you are the party.  You should always in ALL WAYS celebrate yourself. As the saying goes, “if you don’t celebrate you, who will”…. or something like that.  Anyways the previous is all true.  Jump start the self-love levels with taking account of how far you’ve come and where you’ve come from.  This is super important no matter where you are on any part of the journey.   Take a pause.  Rake a look back. You see the trail you’ve blazed up behind yourself? Celebrate it love!  In my best Joe Budden voice — “pum, pum pump it up” 

#4 - Forgive Yourself

One thing that I see a lot of when doing healing work with women, is their inability to forgive themselves.  I mean we are taught in our families, in school and even in church that we must forgive.  But some kinda crazy way, we have not been taught to include ourselves in that.  So starting today (not next valentine’s day) forgive yourself for everything. I mean wiipe the slate completely clean.  When you made those choices, you made them in a totally different state of understanding and you deserve to give yourself a chance at living your best life without the weight of your “back in the day” life self ruining it all.  So forgive and move forward.

#5 - Buy Yourself Flowers

Mmmmmm! I love flowers.  Not where I am particular about them or have a favorite.  I just love the sight of them in my home… the feel of getting them from my children especially.  There is something just magical about them right?!?  So when was the last time you bought a bundle for yourself??  I do realize that not everyone is a flowers type of person but if the shoe fits….buy yourself some flowers!!

#6 - Commit to a Healing Journey

Healing is a Full Time commitment.  And because of this I have witnessed so many women double dutch in and out of their healing journey or fall out of it all together.  But the outcome of committing to and full filling your sacred journey is AhMazinnngggg!!  You deserve this and because you deserve it, number 6 deserves your full dedication, attention and a commitment to acquire those ultimate outcomes that come from you loving yourself.

#7 - Make a List of Your Qualities

Okay. So this one has two sides of the coin but both are important to listen openly.  We can all admit that we have good qualities and not so good ones.  I mean it’s just the nature of being., right?  But do you know both the good and unpleasant qualities?   Be real 100% with yourself on this one.  I mean no one will see it but you so go all the way, okay.  On a sheet of lined paper, write out your top ten qualities with details and on the back write your ten not-so-great ones.  Be raw and honest.  When you are clear with your bad, you can flip it and begin to become better in those areas of self with them and even grow.  And allowing yourself to truly grow is one of the best ever things you can do!

#8- Vow to Never Again Compare Yourself

As a woman, we can have this one pretty badly.   Let me ask you?  How many times inside of one day do you compare yourself to someone else?  In today’s social media driven world, many have admitted that every time they scroll they compare themselves in some way.  Well, times up for all that.  Whats for them is for them and what’s for you is for you, wouldn’t you agree?!  It’s time to cheer and not compare.  We have entered into a Unity stage of existence and the age of comparing your life to the next just went out of style.

#9 - Spend Your Day Immersed in Self-Care

Self-care comes in many, many forms.  And as an advocate of it, I implore every woman ( and man), to make it happen for themselves often. Creating a day of self-love doesn’t have to break the bank.  You can make a day of just this list for starters.  But you can always also treat yourself to a massage or any alternative therapy that makes you feel wonderful head to toe (yes a trip to your favorite nail lady does count). Whatever you chose, just make it count for as long as you possibly can in a 12-24 hour period for a rejuvenating dose of self-love.

#10 - Treat Yourself to A Special Meal

I can’t say that I have seen many people out having dinner on their own at a table for one but when I do I find myself in admiration for that sweet soul.  They have come to a point with themselves that eating alone is quite special to them.  It shows they are okay enough with themselves to be with just themselves and enjoy that slated time.  Taking yourself on a date is a power move when it comes to this self-love journey.   If you’ve never done it, try it and make it good.

#11 - Give Yourself A Hug

A HUG!  It can make anyone’s day.  But what about one from yourself?  I’ll be the first to tell you that It dies wonders.  Hugs releases a hormone called oxytocin and another called dopamine. And science says the deeper and longer the hug the more joy emotions are released.  The power you feel when you give yourself a huge intention filled hug is very explosive.  So why wait on a lover or a friend to give you something you can give yourself ….havea solo hug often.

#12 - Plan A Day of Doing Nothing

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with deciding to have a “lazy day”. Quite honestly, with all the busy-ness of our society, it’s very important to rest…. and I mean to really rest!  It truly is an act of kindness to self to shut down so you can properly refill you energy cup.  Its a great opportunity to take a spiritual bath or meditate, journal…relax relate and release.

#13 - Write A Love Letter To Your Past/Future Self

This is a one of kind of act of love!  It may seem silly but that’s furthest from true.  The promise that you provide for yourself, your child self of your past and future self is invigorating and motivating!  You will feel inspired as you write to the little girland remind her that she is loved and can accomplish most everything.   And empowered by the future you as you promise yourself to give it all you got.  Trust me, this has been one of my most raved about exercises during coaching sessions and the results are always surreal for the participant!

#14 - Put Yourself First

Last but certainly not the least important one…is putting yourself first.  This always seems like the hardest one but after some awakenings within and quite honestly when one gets tired of being last place in the line up, it becomes easier to choose Y-O-U.  We aren’t taught to take of ourselves first as women, but you do hear it each time before take off on any commercial flight.  It’s very necessary that you lovingly put you first everyday from this day forward because once established, it is your love of self that just may get you through any and every low point of your life.  So start today.

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Khepra El

Blog Author | Spiritual Guide | Intuitive life Coach

Thank You for Taking the Time to Read this Post.  May you find it helpful, useful and shareable with the ones that you Love…


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