Goddess Evolving Spiritual Retreat

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" This Retreat is a Sacred Journey and Covers Most of your needs during our journey together ....
We Have taken care of Everything in Advance So all you must do is Show up Ready to Level UP "
- Khepra-El

You will be picked up and transported to and from the airport.  No need to plan for a taxi, Uber or Lyft.  We have you covered!

Your airfare is included in the price.  We will secure your seat in advance and forward your itinerary.  This allows us to plan for smoother pickups and coordinating transportation for everyone. 

Our privately leased location in San Diego, California will be delightful, tasteful and delivers a touch of class!  We seek out the best for the best! 

There is much to experience in this tucked away Californian gem.  We will share daily outings together as a group to expand our bonds and joyously explore and make memories.

Enjoy the refreshing plant based & Pescatarian diet while here!  All meals will be prepared in Love to amplify your physical vibration. 

During our daily wrap ups, we will enjoy Wine nights, clinking glasses and sharing wonder-full “Aha” moments! 

Join 10 Women on this Sacred Journey!

September 19th 2018 ~ September 24th 2018

The Goddess Evolving Retreat is made with EVERY Woman in mind! The Goddess that lies within each of us is waiting for the opportunity to arise. This soul awakening, transformational & inclusive event will empower each participant to make a natural connection to the Goddess within her. We will go through Healings, amplify self-love & undergo initiations to bring forth her magic!

The explanations you see and read are only a snippet of what is to be experienced.  Participants Receive Healings, Tools, Resources, gifts & More!

The Walk of a Woman...

As a woman of modern

times, we have forgotten

our origins & our Magic. 

We create life, sustain

life, build life… this list

can go on.  

Have you ever

wondered how we have

forgotten that we are the

greatest likeness of God/Goddess?

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The Blooming...

When you understand the

greater power that you

stem from, you will begin

to walk in this

innerstanding.  Your life

will bloom in ways you

never thought and all

because you claimed what

was your birthright as a


The Goddess within...

The Goddess is the Devine

(Divine) Mother!  The

Mother of All things.  She

is the Master Creator. 

Both male and female

genders carry her within

them, without a doubt;

but it is You the woman

who duplicates her

#magic the most & the


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Creating Your Balance...

To tap into this Devine

Sacredness,  it is important

to gain your balance of

yourself!  You will gain tools

at the retreat to do this!

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See Your Inner Beauty.....

The inner beauty you have is

waiting to be acknowledged by

You.  At the Goddess Evolving

Spiritual Healing Retreat, You

will find ways to appreciate Your

Magnificent Beauty!

Let Go & Release..

It’s time you let go of old programming 

of who you are not.  It’s time to release 

and realize your Goddess within and 

just how sacred She/You Are!

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catherine mcmahon 10118


It’s Time to Unlock that

sacred part of you tucked

away all these years.  It’s

time to uplevel your soul’s

vibrations by becoming

the greatness you are.  It

is time to Unleash on the

world your gifts, Your

Power, Your Magic &

Your Essence!! 

You Are Invited ...
to Come & enjoy a Taste of
The Goddess Life !!

Everything has been preplanned and prepared for You!  All you must do is show up and BE ready to level up!

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Beautiful Ocean Views

San Diego, California

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Plant-Based Meals

3 Prepared Daily

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California Fresh Wine

Local Selections

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Comfortable Lodging

High End Living

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Goddess Evolving Nequan
Goddess Evolving Ashley
Goddess Evolving Erin

the Answers to your prayers
lie within you....
Together we can activate your magic!!

Enjoy Some You-Time

…and some healing time!  The two are necessary to the process of Be-coming more of your natural Goddess Self!

woman receiving reiki

The Perfect Surrounding

San Diego, California is the most wonderful, relaxing city to journey within.  Where the sea meets land and California beauty.  You will not be disappointed with the #charm of this city!

Fine Food Cuisine

It is superbly important to enjoy healthy cuisine as you detox and rise up your soul vibe while in the company of the Goddess Tribe!  Your Daily 3 meals will be provided for you during your stay!

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"The Best Experience Ever"

"This place feels as if it's enriched with Gold. The Water even sparkles like Gold coins as it reflects! As The Sunshines, rises and sets You undoubtedly feel Golden rays penetrate you ! This is the best place that any person can feel at ease as they step into their next level... the Golden Goddess!"
Retreat Host

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