The Goddess Guide: How to Conquer & Slay Mercury Retrograde

The top 7 Ways you can slay your way through this cosmic phase!

Astrology is Not  something everyone relates to or can dissect  knowledgeably, myself included, but many can attest to the effects of mercury retrograde when it comes around.

Traditionally, We all tend to run for cover or brace for impact about four times or so a year when this planet changes its orbital direction and begins to rotate in a backward motion (or so was once thought). 

Mercury’s illusionary movement only appears to stop and moonwalk but what it’s really doing is just slowing down its normal motion.

The planet of Mercury is known as the messenger of the Gods, a winged Roman Deity that has domain over communication, expression, awareness & reasoning (to name a few).  As we take this understanding into account, it allows us to create a better way to manage our retrogrades mentally and spiritually instead of the popular “duck & cover” method.

Within this article, you will find 7 tips you can utilize immediately to help you not only conquer the messages of Mercury but #slay this cosmic walk. Alright, now that the explanation is out of the way…. Let’s get into how A Goddess can conquer and slay!


#1 Use your tools!

There are many optional tools that can help you wade through retrograde and CRYSTALS are a fabulous option!!! 

I love them for the gifts that they are in every way!  Carrying the suggested Crystals and/or using them in your self-reflection times will enhance your mercury retrograde experience.  ENHANCE??  Yes … Enhance.  You see, this is a wonderful time to learn lessons or just sit with the lessons that may have been overlooked or skipped over intentionally.  Enhancing your opportunity to learn instead of getting only the surface value is far more valuable, don’t cha know 🙂 Check out the chart below and also Grab your own Kit from our store while supplies last!!! 

Another wonderful tool suggestions would include herbal teas.  Soothing favorites like lavender, lemon balm and/or chamomile helps ease your vibrations while allowing them room to raise upward.   Of course there will be plenty of other suggestive tools within the following subbies below, so hang tight for more great options.

#2 ~ Own your sh!t

#2 Own your sh!t

Bluntly and yet aptly put… In order to move forward you must own what is yours to own.   What you may have said.  What you may have done. How you may have over-reacted or underacted.  These are things or ways that we have to own our part on or within the ordeals we encounter.  Mercury’s cosmic dance generally brings about lessons from situations we didn’t properly handle or deal with once before.  Many report the re-appearance of past loves/lovers provides a chance to say the unsaid or rectify hurts and see the gift of the situation that was overlooked during the height of emotions.  Now, to be clear, it may not always be relation-ships from your love life.  Popups of buried emotions, family members, friends, co-workers (past & present) but all-in-all, I find it helpful to ask yourself why these things or people have re-surfaced.  What needs to be reviewed, revived, addressed etc.  While taking the cue from Mercury, it’s important to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and say “I am here to learn what i didn’t before”.  This is as opposed to running from the horns, which serves no purpose to your life path.  Meanwhile, do note, that if you allow this opportunity to slip through your fingers it may come around again a little more aggressive ( or not so aggressive) next round, but I say, just put it to bed already… Own it!

#3 ~ meditate often

#3 Meditate Often

Ahhhh Yesssss!  Find your Zen….Or at least form a regular habit of spending time reflecting on life and refocusing your direction and intention.  If you do not have a daily practice of meditating, there is no time greater than now!  You can do short guided meditations to get you going but don’t stop there of course. Challenge yourself to push & go a little longer than the previous day.  Meditating allows things that may occur during your retrograde to seem clearer and increase your insight into your life situation.  It will also ground you, so much so that when that surprise problem comes along, like say your car breaks down, it won’t hit your emotional bank nearly as hard.  Trust me this one is key!

#4 ~ tune in & turn up

#4 Tune in & Turn UP

High vibrating tunes will also assist you in getting through.   Not your everyday sounds from your favorite FM radio station but binaural sounds or even orchestra & gospel type tunes.  The sound waves from these forms of music help keep you lifted so you can face the “music” mercury has drummed up for you.   I personally thoroughly enjoy binaural sounds and they come with many differing set intentions and pitches for any imagined need.  Which ever you choose, just know that the science behind sound is real.  Visit our YouTube Channel for a playlist and sound therapy if you are not sure where to begin.  They are Tried, Tested, True and Helpful so tune in!

#5 ~ talk less & listen more

#5 Talk Less to Listen More


Mercury Retrograde is often known to cause a stir in our communication, hence being the planet and God of Communication.  During these times, its often expected to have at least one disagreement that can turn topsy-turvy or so its been reported.   The best advice is to talk less frequently and Listen MORE astutely.  Sometimes we miss the point of it all because we were talking too much while the teacher was giving the lesson.   The teacher may not be verbally talking, so before anyone gets all “hey he’s no teacher  of mine” on me, just recognize the scenario as a moment waiting to explode if you do not receive it right and/or you react prematurely.  Now is a good time to practice holding your tongue (but don’t swallow it).  Hear it all out before you go into the emotional bank, let it process and then respond responsibly.

#6 ~ Allow self-care time

#6 Allow Ample Self-Care Time

Super important!  While spending time finding your zen or during a whole ‘notha part of your daily routine, get some sacred time with self in there.  Filling your self-love cup back up is a requirement everyday, however, many do not do this already and this makes things even harder to deal if you are bone dry empty.   Go for a massage, get your nails done, treat yourself to a movie or whatever pleasures you.  Just as long as you do it, for you and only with you, if possible.  Well, it’s not like you have to be alone but it helps to not have any interaction so you can just deal with you and hear your own thoughts as you work through this journey.  Here at Goddess Harmony, we are strong advocates of sacred bathing times.  This is one of the best ways to get your time in daily.  If you have not experienced our Enchanted Crystal Bath Detoxes, you have certainly been missing out and should hit the shop for your order as soon as possible.

#7 ~ Journaling

#7 Journaling

Last and certainly not least …. journaling!  Before I got back into journaling a few years ago, I kinda wrote it off as something I did as a teen that just wasn’t as important to my life as it was then.  But, as I was going through some tough times and could not yet talk about it openly,  It was imperative to  get the emotional energy out of me…. let it out of me, so it would not eat me alive internally.  I found solace once again in pen and pad and made my way through my ordeal.  And As retrogrades arose, I increased my practice as I naturally had more to write about and found that I was able to breath much better through them because of this tool.   Be sure to check out our newest addition to the shop, the Goddess Harmony Sacred Journal Kit.  Should you decide that you would like to take this Write-it-Out route, this would be a great starting point to get you going in the write direction! 😉


Okay, so that wraps up those Goddess Tips.  Try them on one-by-one or all at once.  Just conquer this retrograde instead of cower.  Meanwhile, remember these few mentionables: 1) Don’t sign new contracts and/or agreements 2) Don’t hire or start a new job 3) Avoid making large purchases –yeah I know that money is burning a hole in your pocket but I had to warn ya  4) Don’t get cozy with technology as it tends to go wonky during this period  5) back up data, store data, and repeat and repeat and repeat — another bizarre thing but I have lost phone photos and numbers even as they were backed up in  a retrograde so I know this to be true  6) give yourself time, to be on time 7) take your car in for maintenance or D.I.Y. — just show your ride some well-deserved love.

These 7 tips are great starts to great habits so don’t stop when the retrograde is over…Keep practicing.  Meanwhile, to get you over the humps of retrograde I found it important to offer the tools suggested all in one place.  You can purchase your very own Mercury Retrograde Empowerment Kit in our store.  Grab Your MUST HAVE kit with wonderful bonuses HERE

So Hey….You got this!  No Worries. Just slay beloved!  

Peace and Infinite Love to you on your Journey Goddess!

Kosmic Kisses,


Khepra El

Blog Author | Spiritual Guide | Intuitive life Coach

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