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Enchanted Crystal Bath Detox

Enchanted Crystal Bath Detox

👑 Have You been Feeling Less in the “Flow” of Life?

👑 Has your Joy or Zest for living decreased?

👑Have You been feeling your self-worth, love or esteem levels lower?


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The Goddess Harmony Enchanted Crystal Bath Detox is a blend of natural ingredients that soften the skin and provides the ultimate relaxation. A heavily toxic body, mind or spirit will make life difficult to maneuver  (think of it like carrying too much luggage while traveling), less likely to enjoy and even affect your luck, money, blessings and energy.  The purpose and benefit of an anointed spiritual bath will surely amaze you in a way that will have you ask yourself why haven’t you tried it sooner!

The Collection of 18 Goddess detoxes offers a wide Variety of  assistance from the Goddess energies assigned to the blessed salts.  This product is an ancient blend of moisturizing bath salts, powders and scents that invoke a sacred connection to divine energy sources.  Each order will include  a scoop for easy pouring, a reiki energy crystal, affirmation/prayer card for the Goddess connected to your selection, access to meditation music to increase your connection and comes inside a sleek glass jar to ensure the energy of the contents remains pure.

The spiritually anointed salts will:

~  refresh your mental & emotional levels

~  recalibrate your spiritual and physical energy

~  restore your drive and enjoyment for life

~  enhance your skins health and texture

~  eliminate metals & toxins from your body

After finishing your sacred bath, you will feel lighter, spiritually recharged, emotionally uplifted as well as physically cleansed.  Many Customers also report that it brings about an enormous gush of healing, peace, Love, joy or serenity to the spirit!    To Help regain control of your life, it is highly suggested to bathe minimum once a week to maintain a healthy balance and harmony within.


Scents and Sacred Healing Options::

👑  TRANQUILITY ~ Goddess Yemaya ~ Yemaya is all about tranquility and peace & has the aroma of the ocean with a twist of paradise. She supports  through and through. “Allow me to carry you through your hard ties and wash away your unnecessary worries.. Find ease in my ebb and flow I will always be here for you and love you more than you know” ~ Goddess Yemaya

👑  JOYOUS ~ Goddess Hathor ~ Hathor represents living a fulfilled & Joyous life.  If dealing with any form of depression or sadness this scent will uplift you with its one of a kind citric aroma.  “In life you encounter pains and sorrows but they should never outweigh your Joys” ~ Goddess Hathor

👑  COMPASSION ~ Goddess Kuan Yin ~ Kuan Yin is celebrated for her compassion and is well-known as the female Buddha. She aids humanity through compassion and her Mandarin Scented salts promotes purity and feels cleansing to the soul.  “Within the process of self-love and compassion you will find a Beautiful self-healing.” ~ Goddess Kuan Yin

👑  REJUVENATION ~ Goddess Isis ~ Devine Isis represents rejuvenation in many varieties.  This Egyptian salt aids in the rejuvenates your vibrations.  “Rekindling The Magic of life begins within your healing.” ~ Goddess Isis

👑  SACRED PLACE ~ Goddess Nemetona ~ The Celtic Goddess of Protection and Sacredness aids in recalling your sacred devinity and place.  “Journey with me and remember your Sacred” ~ Goddess Nemetona

👑  SELF-LOVE ~ Goddess Oshun ~ The beauty of self-Love runs infinitely.  Goddess Oshun’s Milk and Honey Love reaches the highest plateaus.   “Sweet Love, remember to love you first always” ~ Goddess Oshun

👑  GROUNDED ~ Goddess Gaia ~ Gaia provides the greatest gifts from her Secret Garden of regaining Grounding.   “I am her to sustain you and support you, ground within me” ~ Goddess Gaia

👑  PROSPERITY ~ Goddess Lakshmi ~ Goddess Lakshmi will aid in inviting a prosperous life.  A life full of your beautiful wishes fulfilled!  “You can have your hearts desires.  Your ability to have prosperity begins within you” ~ Goddess Lakshmi

👑 LIBERATION ~ Goddess Kali-Ma ~ Goddess Kali will aid you in liberating your soul from things that anchor you in fear, doubt and limitations that prevent you to be in your highest self.  “You are meant for more. Receive your liberation from the chains that hold you”

👑 SERENITY ~ Goddess Tara ~ This well acknowledge Goddess of the eastern tradions helps you increase your inner peace.  “Your serenity depends on you claiming what is yours to have.  I will help you clear away what holds you back from peace within”

👑 FORTUNE ~ Goddess Fortuna ~ Goddess Fortuna teaches us to inivite abundance into our lives daily.  “Abundance in every manner belongs to you. I speak overflow into your life and limitless fortune.”

👑 PROTECTION ~ Goddess Durga ~ Goddess Durga helps to protect us from spiritual, mental, emotional and physical harm.  “I guard you and help you learn how to protect your divine energy.”

👑 TRANSITION ~ Goddess OYA ~ Goddess Oya brings in divine changes that clear the way for our growth and fortune.  “Change is necessary for growth. Let us work together and fiercely bring about transformation in your life.”

👑 DETERMINATION ~ Goddess Athena ~ The roman Goddess also known as Nike, is known for her tactics and sheer determination to win.   “Winning is life require determination that does not withdraw itself when things get tough.  I help you build this muscle”

👑 PURITY ~ Goddess Whope ~ Native Goddess Whope brings about pureness.  Also known as White Buffalo Calf Woman, she has been known to clear away bad energies “beloved, we must remain light within and without. Be Pure at heart & spirit and life will open for you in countless ways.”


Additional information

Enchanted Crystal Bath Detox

Self Love – Oshun, Compassion – Kuan Yin, Rejuvenation – Isis, Tranquility – Yemaja, Transition – Oya, Grounded – Gaia, Sacred Space – Nemetona, Wisdom – Saraswati, Prosperity – Lakshmi, Joyous – Hathor, Undefined – Quetzecotal, Liberation – Kali, Serenity – Tara, Purity – Whope, Determination – Athena, Liberation – Kali-Ma, Protection – Durga, Fortune – Fortuna


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