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Sol Alchemy Bites – Trial Empowerment Sessions

Sol Alchemy Bites - Trial Empowerment Sessions

The Soul, is the Engine of our very existence!

Maximize Your beautiful Soul!

Shine as bright as the Sun!



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This Sol Alchemy Coaching session provides a bite size of what you will get with the full program!  This power packed hour talk is just the taste you’ll need to quench your thirst for answers when you partake in the full service.  Perhaps you are searching for direction or a deeper connection within your personal life, your spiritual path or even your business life.  The Sol Alchemy session is all about turning what the lead of life is  into the next level(s) of existence.    This 60 minute session provides tools & services to decompress the emotional, energetic and emotional burdens that have kept you off path.   During our time, we will complete exercises, map out next steps for growth,  share perspectives and hear feedback from your #SolTeam (i.e. your spirit guides, angels, ancestors) about what you SHOULD be doing and much more.  We will speak about and learn how to decompose old beliefs of self, discuss what’s in the way of your expansion and how to remove it. We will initiate growth by re-writing stories that no longer define you and activate your #solLight to liberate your inner power source recognized as your Spirit.

Whatever it is that brings you to “question” and schedule a session,  come prepared and be ready to be empowered to be put into alignment and get on target.  I will motivate you and inspire you to operate, vibrate & move to a higher level.  In turn, you can enjoy life more as you expand your mental/emotional/physical/spiritual self.   As an added BONUS, You will begin to  live life feeling more FULFILLED!  This is your BIRTHRIGHT waiting for you to embrace it!

NOTE:: This is a trial session of the coaching package Sol Alchemy.  There is a limit of 2 per person.  If you find the great value in having a session like this one and decide to sign up for one of the various options, we will apply this session amount toward your balance for the program option you selected should you decide to sign up on the same day.  Learn more about the full length program via the link HERE…..

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