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Sol Alchemy Coaching Gold Package – 6 Month


Sol Alchemy Coaching Gold Package - 6 Month



The Gold Alchemy plan provides you with 4 calls a month (one each week) with Sol Coach Khepra~El.  In your 60 minute intuitive guidance call, you will gain direction through exercises and processes to get you on track emotionally and spiritually to prepare you you for your life purpose path.  Each session is preceded with 45 minutes of reiki healing to jumpstart and repair your auric body levels.  This strengthens your energy to be able to absorb our enlightened chat and better energize you to tackle anything that needs tackling (;p). You will have access to NLP (neuro linguistic programming) audible files (valued @ $400 a month) to increase your success through sleep reprogramming and much much more! This package also includes a $100 credit inside Goddess Harmony’s WebStore for handmade products that will amplify your growth process.  As a Bonus of ALL Bonuses, you will receive a Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 Attunement at the end of your 90th & 180th day of Alchemy!!


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Sol Alchemy Coaching Gold Package - 6 Month

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