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Harmony Session with Goddess Khepra ~El **** 10 Minute Consult Call

Harmony Session with Goddess Khepra ~El **** 10 Minute Consult Call



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Perhaps You have been experiencing unexplainable things and need answers.  Or maybe you are looking for some sound guidance from the angels and ancestors to get you on a more fulfilling path.  When you schedule a Harmony Session, You will be provided answers, guidance with instructions and often healing.  As a Psychic Medium, I tap into your energy and listen for messages and direction from your dynamic Soul Team (ie ancestors, guides, spirit masters, godheads or angels assigned to your soul).   Many times there is an array of information provided to you this could range from what your body may need to heal (physically spiritually or emotionally) to the way you should be directing your life for greater gain.

When we begin to work together, there will be a range of information  that you can work with to create an epic outcome.  You will find yourself leaving your sessions with nuggets you can use currently or throughout your lifetime.   But first of course, an introduction is needed to see what works for you.  This is a 10 minute consultation call  and allows you and I to connect our energies and figure this thang out (ie your problem that has you on this quest).

So, what are you waiting on?!? You’ve already asked What way you should go??  Now is the perfect opportunity and it’s FREE.  Let your angels, ancestors and soul family lead the way and help you in ways never imagined!


A Few Reviews from very kind clients:

Free Jordan ~

The Beautiful, kind spirited, and loving Kephra has been my adviser for many years and has ALWAYS been on point. Her words are always gentle, but direct, and her advice is always SOUND. She is one of only 2 people in the world that I believe and trust when they speak from the DIVINE and know that it should truly be heeded. You can spend a lot of time hoping to find someone authentic, as I did before her, or you can genuinely open your mind and heart to her clear and powerful guidance. ~ Free Jordan

Chef Nikki Bell ~

If you are feeling stuck or simply seeking guidance and confirmation about your life’s path, I highly recommend reaching out to Khepra! Her spirit is beautiful and comforting and accuracy is 100%! Tell a friend and tell a friend to tell a friend. It will change your life! ~Chef Nikki B.


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