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Goddess Isis Blue Lotus Healing

Goddess Isis Blue Lotus Healing






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During your appointed time you will undergo an Ancient Healing with Goddess Isis.  We will Recall your energy, Reset said energy, Recalibrate your body, Reconstruct unsatisfactory fields of energy in & around your body, Raise Your Vibration & Rejuvenate your Soul Energy (Shamanic Soul Retrieval) to uncover presets and programming that may be holding up your progress this lifetime.  This therapy is a 6 part session and in each session for 6 weeks, you will have your energy boosted through cutting cords and grounding processes that will accompany your Isis Healing.  As we work with Goddess Isis, we will seek out the problems and request solutions to broken DNA and auric programming as well as spiritual blockages etc.  Within the 45 minutes of each session, you will be guided on a visual journey and your energy will be re-tuned.  There will be a verbal review of what was found in your energy field that needs further work or solutions.  This package comes with the necessary components to be used in the interim of scheduled appointments i.e. healing bath salts, healing crystals, herbals etc. The program is a 6 week program but may go for several rounds to amplify your healings.  Deepest healing possible can be achieved through and with Goddess Isis and also the most profound. Q&A during sessions is okay, if time is permissible.


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