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F.E.A.R. HANDBOOK W/Energy Soundtracks & Crystals – x4 Level Up Pack


F.E.A.R. HANDBOOK W/Energy Soundtracks & Crystals - x4 Level Up Pack



We are built with Greatness, but we are also built with FEAR.  Fear is an automatic internal mechanism that indicates that there is a danger or that something we are experiencing needs to be evaluated for our safety.

Although fear is a natural component of our genetic makeup, so many get stuck in their fears and never live the lives they truly wanted to experience.   We have forgotten how to use our power and not be affected by the overload of fear.

It honestly is not your fault.  Further more it is most likely you were not taught or programmed to stand against fear and empower yourself once more.

FACT:  We live in a fear-filled society.

Humanity is full of fear in this day and age.  Few have overcome the things that haunt them or faced what keeps them disconnected from their dreams and futures.     As a result of this, they fail to move forward to have the exuberant lives

they deserve by BIRTHRIGHT!    If we cannot overcome our fears,  Then how can we live our dreams?!?

WELL, we take back our power of course!

FACT:  You can regain control and claim victory over your fears AND your life.  YOU HAVE AN ABUNDANT DESTINY WAITING FOR YOU!

The F.E.A.R. Handbook is a resource guide that allows for you to take charge & create actions to combat your fears step-by-step.  The inspirational quotes and comments bring you closer to feeling encouraged and determined to have more of what you dreamed of having.

The handbook will provide steps to help  you regain courage and confidence against the fears that hold you from your abundant life ahead.  You will also download 2- MP3 soundtrack that will aid your energy levels and vibrations as you sleep, workout, drive to work, cook dinner —

pretty much whenever you need an energy boost.

This Magical Quad Set provides you a quality infrastructure to become FEAR Less.  The benefits of grabbing your F.E.A.R. SET would be:

      ~ Full color Guide made to inspire, instruct & Motivate the reader to rise above their fears

~ 30+ Pages that take you step-by-step so that you can identify where you are & resolve your fears

~ A Plethora of tools, worksheets & affirmations that help you reprogram your fear allowing you to step into your vibrant future

~ Find & Keep a balance

~ Soothe your anxiety

~ Amplify your vibrations

~ Boost your energy levels


How could you deny yourself the life you deserve any further.  Purchase your set today and get started on tackling FEAR and FULFILLING YOUR DREAMS!


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F.E.A.R. HANDBOOK W/Energy Soundtracks & Crystals - x4 Level Up Pack

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