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The F.E.A.R Crushing Empowerment Crystal Kit

The F.E.A.R Crushing Empowerment Crystal Kit


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Crush your fears by amplifying your energy fields, remove negativity, calm nerves, ground and soothe your thoughts.   This set was made to accompany the F.E.A.R Handbook found here.

The kit includes 4 hand picked crystals.  Each is washed in holy goddess water to wash away unwanted grime and germs, then they are cleared with sound therapy and energy amplified with  S. H. E. Reiki.   Your purchase will include a downloadable PDF copy of the chart of crystals with suggestions for their uses You will receive an “I am” Affirmation pdf to empower yourself as you work through this Releasing Fear.

EXTRA EXTRA!!….I will also include, as a Limited time bonus receive a Root Chakra Bomb to further aid in your Fear Healing.


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