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Goddess Kuan Yin – Gifts of Compassion

Goddess Kuan Yin - Gifts of Compassion



Goddess Kuan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion!

‘She  is the embodiment of great compassion  She is poised, gentle and is one of the most revered Goddesses in the world. She is seen holding a vase of water to hold the tears of the world and transmutes them to be of highest quality.  She uses it for the removing of suffering, purifying the defilements of our body, speech and mind, and lengthening life. She is also seen holding a lotus for purity and enlightenment and/or a willow branch to heal the pains of them as well.’ Whether immersed in a bath tub with her Enchanted Bath Detox or by way of a Sacred Space Candle,  you will be able to feel her energy and connect to the gifts she brings.   This Goddess of a 1000 hands is known for answering prayers with intense love and compassion.

👑 Kuan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion. Her merciful spirit is known and adored in the eastern region of the world because she embodies loving kindness. Known also a Kwan Yin, she is another manifestation of divine mother energy and like most mothers, she hears the cries of all and answers them with LOVE!!

Sacred Space Goddess Candles::

Our Candles were specifically channeled & when crafted are anointed & given special attention to its specified intentions.  All the candles are created with luxury soy wax & has a beautiful one of a kind original scent that matches the energetic attributes of each Goddess individually. Each Goddess Candle is charged and includes a special token in the wax that you can carry with you as a reminder of the Goddess energy that matches the one you hold within.   Along with this candle you will get a prayer affirmation card to increase the energy of the Goddess into your life. Max Burn time 110 hrs

Enchanted Crystal Bath Detox::

Sometimes our days can bog us down and Zap us of our Greatness.  This Collection of Goddess detoxes offer a wide Variety of  assistance to help you re-build the parts of you that need it most.  These essentially blended moisturizing bath salts come in a sleek glass & stainless steel reusable jar (net weight 17 oz ) and will bring about an enormous gush of healing, peace, Love, joy or serenity to your spirit! The anointed salts will soothe your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies by raising the vibrations will in turn brighten your life to receive blessings in various ways!  Each Jar comes with a Full Color Affirmation & Prayer Card & a specially charged token that you can take with you to keep the power of the Goddess.

“Dry the tears of Pain and Heal them with your Love & Compassion” ~ Goddess


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Candle, Enchanted Bath Detox, Sacred Bath Kit, 1pkg Wax Melts


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Goddess Kuan Yin - Gifts of Compassion


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