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Ceremonies by Goddess Harmony

Ceremonies by Goddess Harmony

Spiritual Weddings

Space Clearing and Healing

Removing Energy Entities

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Ceremonious work is an important and often necessary.  In our traditions in the western hemisphere, we are more familiar with ritual ceremonies such as weddings, christenings, rites of passages and funerals; but these are not the only forms of ceremonies that open the way for next levels of our existence and/or elevation.   I can aid you in a variety of ways that will open doors and remove stagnant energies from your auric field.  I am also able to assist you in the necessary process of reuniting your soul energies frequently known as soul retrieval.  This is not excluding clearings of spaces and tethering your energy to places like a home or office.

Through use of ceremonies you are asking the Universe for something more and asking the gatekeeper to open the door or open the way!  It is often also commonly used to celebrate blessings and joys but if you are thinking that there is something that you are in need, I am here to lead the way and open the doors.   Ceremony & Ritual work is priced on a case by case basis.  Prices will vary depending on the need of your ceremony and its intensity.

If you received a reading and/or healing service that instructed a necessary ceremony, you will be invoiced separately.  Meaning the ceremony has its own cost as per the reading instructions.   It is important to note that I will only perform workings that promote your highest and transform a situation to the greatest good.   Most often after ceremonies people have reported feeling profoundly different instantaneous.  I am looking forward to working with you inside of your elevation!

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