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Angel Guidance New Year Oracle Reading

Angel Guidance New Year Oracle Reading

Do you have questions about your new year?

Do you need direction for the year ahead?

Allow the Angels to  to aid you in this Q&A….



We are now counting down to the end of the year and preparing for the wonder of the new one to come!   This 60+ minute reading will incorporate the aid of your angel guides.   The Guidance & messages are regarded as high importance.   You will walk away being provided tools & suggestions on how to prepare for your year in advance.   Clarity of what to get ready for is always helpful through the sectors of the year.  You will have special  assigned Angel Numbers which often provide an even deeper connection to the messages they are sending to you through our reading.  Your purchase includes a Reiki Energy Release and healing for any stagnant or unnecessary energies that are currently connected to you.  You will also receive a Chakra Boost to amplify your energy so that you can enter the new year with a lighter load and feel more whole-istic than you did before.  This helps you to feel brand new and ready to face the year in a bold new way. 

Be on the Lookout in your email for directions to schedule your reading!  I am looking forward to our angelic time together!

Check out some of our testimonials about our services::  TESTIMONIALS


3 reviews for Angel Guidance New Year Oracle Reading

  1. Khepra El

    The Angelic Year reading I received from Khepra last year was so magical. The guidance and inspiration I received to help navigate through the year was invaluable. The gift Khepra shares with this world is truly astonishing. She is a gift from the divine and I am beyond grateful to her for her assistance in my experience.

    ~ C. Rebeiz

  2. Khepra El

    This reading gave me a deeper understanding of what was to come over the next year but it also offered me tools and practices to use. Looking back on 2018 and my notes from that reading I see how aligned they were. What a gift!
    ~ Ariel

  3. Khepra El

    I Loved my 2019 reading!! Khepra Confirmed everything I was planning for the year plus more amazing things. I am ready to shift into my next season. Thank You for your guidance and support

    ~ Dr. Teneka

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