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2019 Goddess Harmony I am A Goddess Calendar


2019 Goddess Harmony I am A Goddess Calendar



Instantly download this full color 12 month printable Goddess Calendar featuring beautiful Bold color or women just like you, living their best life ever.  Each month you will see the motivational word of the month.  Your calendars will prompt you to have a mantra and goal for the month.  This will inspire you to to aim, shoot and bullseye you to success!!

This calendar can be used as :

  • an inspiring backdrop to your phone, tablet or laptop

  • wall art for your office, room or closet

  • an amazing gift for a Goddess You Love

  • to put on your vanity, bathroom sink, etc.

Your Goddess Calendar purchase comes with a free 15 minute phone consult to learn how you can align & amplify your life in 2019. A schedule link will be emailed to you within 24 hours after your purchase.

This downloadable purchase cannot be refunded.

Are you seeking guidance on how to become the success you know you can be??  Click here to learn about a full length course that guides the way with processes, practices, video modules, full workbook and more!!



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2019 Goddess Harmony I am A Goddess Calendar

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