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The most important Key to living an amazing life is to heal Your past!!

Together, We will unlock your greatness and Tap into Your purpose!!!

In the Beginning....

When You were created, you were indeed in a likeness and from the greatest mold that exist.  

YOU were built to succeed at many things in your lifetime but one thing in particular was personally designed and fits only you.  It is encoded inside of you!

Everything under the sun has a purpose to exist.  This does not exclude you and I.  To be specific we are the greatest part of the overall purpose.

Your individual Purpose is your personal mark!  It is your signature!  It is your thumbprint!  It is unique to yours.

As would any masterpiece, you have several blueprints attached to your soul.  Blueprints that tell you who you are, what you will do and what you are meant to become in your life.  As years have passed, the main reason you are here, the “WHY”,  has been forgotten and buried by mental programming and emotional baggage.

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Silent Questions

Have you been constantly asking yourself any of these questions:  

– What am I here for?

– How can I have a more fulfilling life?

– How can I make a difference?

– How do I even begin?

– Who can I trust to answer my questions?

These questions are not uncommon.  They are your subconscious thoughts that are in a way helping you remember there was something you should be doing.  

It’s no different than when you are going to the store and you know you might forget that one thing you really need, so you store a reminder inside of your phone to alert you.  This is what your subconscious is doing for you right now and it is a good thing.  

The alarms are setting you on your path.  Being aware of them means that you are ready to begin the task that you were born to do.

Help Is Here for you...

Your grand architect had great things in mind for you in this world.  These things lie silent and slightly dormant within you. 

In seeking out the proper aid & guidance, you provide yourself the chance to get on target and have the life you have literally seen in your dreams.  

With your drive and dedication onboard, you can take the high road and enjoy the topside of the mountain of life where the air is crispy thin and the views are breathtaking.  

As You begin this journey with me, you will begin to experience many things on this climb together, such as but not limited to:

–  Unlocking your innate gifts abilities, skills and purpose

–  Begin to heal broken parts of your mental and emotional self

 – Have universal understandings where everything will begin to open up to you and make perfect sense

And soooo much MORE!!

You don’t have to take this walk alone or wonder any longer.  Book your appointment to get solutions that get you on track to optimizing and amplifying your life.

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Did You Know...

Less than 10% of Humanity is living within their soul purpose!

Many Are Not Even Aware ...

That the answer to the joy and happiness they seek is laid out in them. Even more are living a life they feel trapped within.
Keep Reading to Learn How You can Live a different story & be a part of the greater 10%

An enlightening Experience & Testimony

A very detailed, honest and beautiful testimony of beloved Client Ariel. Take a listen & view to gain greater understanding of how we can possibly serve you on this spiritual journey!
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Real Feedback

The real words of our Clients are here to help You understand just what You are getting ….. I am not here to try to sell you on my products and services. 

I am here sharing this because I want the opportunity to make a difference in your life as we have done for so many others.

The Beautiful, kind spirited, and loving Khepra has been my adviser for many years and has ALWAYS been on point. Her words are always gentle, but direct, and her advice is always SOUND. She is one of only 2 people in the world that I believe and trust when they speak from the DIVINE and know that it should truly be heeded. You can spend a lot of time hoping to find someone authentic, as I did before her, or you can genuinely open your mind and heart to her clear and powerful guidance.
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Ms. Free
CEO of the Soul Growth
I reached out to Khepra just for general advice and direction. She was AWESOME, very personable and friendly. It was like talking to someone that has known me forever. After speaking with her, I felt I had more clarity on what paths I needed to take for becoming a better me
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Ms. Adelaide
air Control Technician
I met her a a week ago.... I had an accident and my ankle swole up something terrible. When I saw her yesterday, we talked about my fall, my issue and pain that I was having as a result! She began to touch it, prayed/chanted/healed it, released all the negative energy! There is no pain, discomfort, bruising, nothing negative about this injury! I dont know what it is, but I want to know more! I could go on for hours about what happened before and how I feel now! Keep an open mind and give it a chance! #SomethingDifferent
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Ms. Tish

Unlock & Unleash Your Greatness

Book an appointment!

Goddess Khepra-El

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Namaste Beautiful Soul!!

My name is Goddess Khepra-El.  As a child, I always encountered what some would call supernatural phenomenon.  There was always an adventure to be had in dream land.  

During my teens, I was told in a dream my purpose.  “You are here to help others remember who they are and what they are here for”.

This is at the very core of my existence and I take on the responsibility, in conjunction with you, of getting you where you need to be.  

As a Healer, I clear away emotional debris and elevate your mind, body and soul levels.  

As a Spirit Medium, I hear and translate what your SolTeam is desiring you to know or to do to get on your purpose path.  

Most importantly, as a Guide or Spiritual Life Coach,  I provide important constant, loving guidance that helps you to get on target.  

During my own spiritual awakenings, I found it was difficult to understand things that I was reading and questioned why things did not resonate with me often. I would feel alone and confused and at times it was hard to continue somedays….nonetheless, I could not stop no matter how fed up I was.  I knew there was more required of me in life and like you, had all the pieces but no direction.  

My services prevent this from happening to you!  It’s time for you to heal, conquer and become the greatest aspect of yourself the world has ever seen!  I am without a doubt rooting for you! xos 

Tailored to your needs

your soul's desire to grow is not meant to fit inside of any typical mold. The services below are the most popular options.
Your spiritual Evolution can be done

Soul Guide Readings

Hear Your Angels! #harmonize

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Sol Alchemy Coaching

Coacingin the Whole Soul to

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Mind.Body.Soul. Healing

Coacingin the Whole Soul to

Heal Now!

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Book a 60 minute 1-on-1 session, where I will give you special tips, soul-tions and More with my mobile services. *travel rates apply.

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Goddess Harmony
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