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By: Goddess Khepra~El

The Lionsgate Portal is considered a gateway into the heavens and into higher realms of consciousness. During this time, higher frequency energies from the star, Sirius are beamed down onto Earth, in order to help advance the human race and raise the consciousness of the planet.

The Lionsgate Portal is activated every year on August 8th when the Sun, Sirius, and the Earth move to specific points in the sky.  (READ MORE HERE )

“Truly now is the Golden Age. The Highest Honor comes by means of Gold.  By Gold,  Love is procured.”  ~Ovid

I may not be a practicing astrologist but I have been paying attention to the new things going on and the physical affects of the new energies upon us.  I have been experincing pangs akin to giving birth and I have realized that this is exactly we are doing in this time.  We are  coming up on the final eclipse of our powerful summer trio and on a new moon to say the least….but there is more to be said about what is going on and what we should be doing to make the most of this experience.  

My devine sources impress on me that we are birthing our newest level of selves at this time. So if you are and have been experiencing extreme tiredness, headache, neck pain, backache, sleepiness and or stomach cramps or aches then you have been feeling the effects of this upgrade.   They also suggest that instead of complaining or medicating that we should be joyously dancing through it because we have made it to a next level.  We have leveled up into the next dimension of our individual existences and  that is something to celebrate.

This new beginning has been prophesized and we have been inside of preparation of it whether we knew it or not.  We are individually entering the Golden age!!

This is great cause for big celebration.  The Goddesses and Gods are extremely excited as this provides our frequencies to raise and them the ability to communicate even more with us more frequently.  This allows us more golden opportunities in our life walk IF WE ARE LISTENING!  Are  you and have you been listening??

On August 8th 2018 we entered into the yearly Lionsgate, which feels enormous…Like seriously!  What I have found to be most important in these moments leading up to the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on August 11th, is that we need to take advantage of the gifts we are being given.  We are needing to prepare for our new journey and superpowers that have been activated as well.  Yes I  said superpowers.  When we vibrate higher and open our minds to feel our difference we will notice those sometimes subtle changes wrapped as gifts that are just waiting to be unwrapped.  We need to fully be in receipt of these gifts.  They are meant to be our greatest assets and tools for our journey and when properly cultivated will be the gift we provide to the world in mass.  We are to be feeling the joy of this mid year christmas gifting and cultivating this feeling of happiness so we can learn how to access it even more going forward.  This is done by spending more quiet time to connect to the gifts , feel the joy and really decide what opportunities we want to experience so we can repeat this all over again and again for ourselves

A few days ago, I wrote about connecting to your God-Spark and here in this revelation I understand why that timing was necessary. In making that connection you are opening yourself to deep connectivity to the evine but also the gifts you behold and the ability to build the life you desire to have right now.  This connection ignites the inner flame and once this is done we begin to shift #upward

Everything is now more possible for us then ever experienced before.  All we must do is know first and then enact our imagination, visualization, acting and our knowing.  List out what you desire daily for the next 30 days, affirm them and proclaim them.  And on the 30th day, declare them to be true and real then wait for your next internal instruction on what actions are necessary on your end.  While you await the celestial ones to do their share, remember to keep your faith intact.   

As we are embarking and moving forward, it is important to  keep journaling and writing down the magic that is encountered day-to-day.  Keep your vibrations as high as you can.   Listen to great music that you can dance to.  Watch and listen to  elevating and motivational  speakers.  Allow yourself to  dream bigger than before.  Eat good and Clean.   And most importantly, stand inside of your #power.    I am greatly  looking forward to seeing your magnificent reveal beloved ones!! Remember to share  your story in the comments below anddddd share this article!

All my love in all ways,


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