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Post: Breaking Free From FEAR

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Breaking Free From FEAR

3 Easy Steps to Grow From Fearful to Fearless

FEAR…..its something real and yet it’s something that is ignored.  Fear has a role in our lives therefore I respect its place.  It is meant to protect us or bring us into reality of what is really going on in our lives that we are or are not facing.  Fear is a reality check.   You are afraid that you will not be able to afford your bills this month because money is short.  Do you A) spend half the month a sleepless zombie thinking about how its going to happen or do you B} Make an actionable plan to head it off.  

Most of humanity will automatically act within option A and stay in that cycle of fear, worry and zombie.   We are in a way not taught any other way.  Though there are a few lucky souls who get that parent or family member or coach from their youthful years that pushes them to annihilate their fears.  All others well, have adopted the the lesser because this is the normalcy.  However, this route with fears will lock you into something more troubling and much deeper that only disempowers you.  

Frequently we forget that we have the power over most situations. I did say MOST.    For those moments, creating a step by step plan, getting into a quiet place to think it through or utilizing tools to get you through to the other side will work far better than worrying, procrastinating or being anxious.  Finding solutions to make it better will undoubtedly make you better in the now and the long run.

Fear cannot be controlled but it can be faced.  This is where the Most other times  when you cannot or do not have power over the situation that you fear.  In these times, you grow your faith into the Universe and the Divine.  You recognize that It may not be something that you can do about it; but you can still be fearless by remaining unshakable and knowing all will be well no matter what.  This works for every kind of fear that you may experience.  Taking a brief moment to acknowledge this will grant you a piece of serenity that helps calm you and move past those fearsome knots.  There is always a choice to be above the things that seems to be holding you captive.  All you must do is choose to do something about it.

You are never alone in this!  There are millions that experience this but I am inviting you to stand in your power and I am equipping you with the tools to do it with.   By Following the Links included  hereafter, you can overcome and dominate with information on HOW you can Rise Above the fears, the procrastinations and anxieties.   The truth is that our fears are all inside our heads and robbing us of our destiny and its time to break the chains!  Click the picture below to be forward to the explanatory page of how it all works and what it will do for you.  Or simply click HERE.

There is NOTHING to FEAR but FEAR Itself. ~ President F.D.Roosevelt

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