There is a Cosmic-Earthly-Spiritual-Emotional-Physical Stir going on!!  Solar Flares (9/6), meteorites, Fires (9/1), Floods, Nuclear Hurricanes (9/11), Earthquakes (9/8), Volcanic Eruptions… yes on and on.  But Why??  Its not long after that I begin to hear “Nothing is coincidental, all will be transcendental” …..for certain I say to myself as I head to my Shrine to pray.  I found myself this a.m. internally asking what it is that I should do, how to prepare for anything more and what to say to my offspring (always making things a lesson or lecture as they call it).  But as I arrived at my shrine All I could hear was the above on repeat.  Along with the proverb of “As Above So Below — So within, so without”

I’ve noticed a string of high emotions in myself and around my universe – Even so within clients who have confided about their present emotional experiences.  Supposing it was normal, considering some of the cosmic energy we have been encountering, that much of the spikes of internal energy had much to do with that, but what if the #Stir is something more??  I would have to say that it is.  Ancient text share with us profound knowledge.  My favorite ever would have to be the “As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. As the Universe, So the Soul”   #DEEP as it is, it most certainly applies to what earth and some of it’s inhabitants are enduring.

One thing to me is clear in my thoughts, in this all earth is experiencing, that As that is above us is also below us and is also within us.  If we can cool, calm and quite ourselves within perhaps we can cool & calm “without”….. just a thought!  If you have found yourself in inner turmoil, albeit it emotionally, physically or spiritually, take a moment, take a breath calm the seas within.  Disconnect. Ground. Meditate. And most importantly Protect yourself and arm yourself spiritually with whatever you have to weather whatever storm you are in inside yourself.  This shifting will be over when it is over.  WE may not be able to control it fully but we can control our own universe within us with the above processes.  Remembering in this part of your journey to Receive our lessons,  Love ourself and Allow ourself to Grow!  Peace and Love to you!

Kosmic Kisses ~ Khepra

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