The Goddess Guide: How to Conquer & Slay Mercury Retrograde

The top 7 Ways you can slay your way through this cosmic phase! Astrology is Not  something everyone relates to or can dissect  knowledgeably, myself included, but many can attest to the effects of mercury retrograde when it comes around. Traditionally, We all tend to run for cover or brace for impact about four times […]

Goddess Spotlight:: Goddess Oshun – Goddess Of Self-Love

~ A PRAISE TO OUR ORIGINAL AFRICAN MATRIARCH!! By: JIDE UWECHIA It is said that “Oshun is beneficient and generous, and very kind. She does, have a malevolent and tempestuous temper, although it is difficult to anger her.” It is said that “Oshun has excellent cooking skills.” Oshun is the Mother of the African sweet or fresh […]

Shine On

Shine On and on and On Beloved! Let no one dim your light or steal your Sparkle! Each day Place that crown on with Pride and Glide within your stride. You are Phenomenal in ALL ways!

Make Waves

#makewaves this week in all you encounter and all that you do! You are built to be dynamic SO BE IT BELOVED ONES! Love to you always!#goddessharmony

Climb Your Mountains

Those Mountains you have been carrying for years, were meant to fortify your strength. They were made to make you solid and bronze you. Each day you awake is an opportunity to release the mountain, boulder or mole hill you have been holding hostage. Release so you can Renew and begin walking more divinely in […]

Be Still & Know

#bestill and #know ….. Did you take a moment to be in stillness today? Give thanks and appreciation! It’s never to late in a days minute sec or hour to do this….challenging you to try this rightttttt NOW! 😉

Dream On & Create Your Reality

We are going to have a conversation about#DREAMS ….. We challenge you to dream big think larger than life of what you can accomplish which might we add is massive!! Write them out and check them off, revisit old ones and create new ones… Visualize a new life for 2017 and beyond! #Dreamon #shareyourdreams#liveyourdreams #captureyourdreams#goddessharmony

Life is Better…

In the words of #thejoker “why so Serious”…Live a little more by laughing A lot more. Some years ago I read an article that stated people who laugh more are healthier and live longer and it got me to thinking…why so serious. So when “serious” things took place I’d look for the comedic irony in it so […]

Stay Strong!!

You have within you a PILLAR of strength! Lean on it when you need it’s yours first before it is everyone else’s, Stay Joyous, Stay Peaceful,#StayStrong #goddessharmony

How Far Have You Come??

I preach and teach this alot….. so many forget the importance of raising a glass to celebrate#success …. I notice when I treat myself cheer myself or congratulate myself I feel gratified in a totally differing way than when another soul does this for me or to me. It’s not less valuable in the manner perhaps […]