What is A Goddess & How to Become One

What is a Goddess & How to Become One By: Goddess Lifestyle Plan What is a Goddess? Now, that’s a question I hear very often! While a Goddess possesses many wonderful and enchanting characteristics and traits, I’m going to tell you the ones that together define my definition of a present day Goddess. Let me […]

14 Ways to Love Yourself More This Valentines Day

14 Ways To Love Yourself More This Valentine’s Day Ahhh The day of LOVE for LOVERS!  Februrary 14th has become A beautiful day that we outward express our affection and appreciation for the ones we love deeply.  But what about loving yourself just as much on this chocolatey romantically filled & stuffed day.  I believe […]


By: Goddess Khepra~El The Lionsgate Portal is considered a gateway into the heavens and into higher realms of consciousness. During this time, higher frequency energies from the star, Sirius are beamed down onto Earth, in order to help advance the human race and raise the consciousness of the planet. The Lionsgate Portal is activated every […]

Finding Your God Spark Within

Finding the God Spark Within Yourself : It’s easier than you may think! There is something special about you and I that seems to be forgotten.  It is something that we forget to activate or turn on or even connect to for most of our lives and unfortunately for a few the whole life.  After […]

Breaking Free From FEAR

Breaking Free From FEAR 3 Easy Steps to Grow From Fearful to Fearless FEAR…..its something real and yet it’s something that is ignored.  Fear has a role in our lives therefore I respect its place.  It is meant to protect us or bring us into reality of what is really going on in our lives […]

Goddess Spotlight: Goddess Kali Ma – Goddess of Liberation

Goddess Spotlight: Goddess Kali Ma – The Goddess of Liberation Goddess Kali Ma is one of the most known and yet misunderstood of the goddesses.  She is thought to be a feminine energy that serves a darker purpose but it is a thought furthest from the truth.  The images of her do lead up to […]

Why Spiritual Names Are Important

By Khepra El What’s in a Name? We all know that names are used to identify places, things and persons.  A name is just a name to some, especially here in our western cultures.  However, within many ancient cultures there is an inner-standing that there is a greater meaning of names and the weights they […]

Goddess Spotlight:: Goddess Ostara – Goddess of Fertility & Spring

Meet the Goddess: Goddess Ostara of Spring & Fertility Goddess Ostara is the master of beginnings.  She is the patron of spring and brings forth the newness of life with great joy and deep love.  The aspect of  newness has come in many different forms through time but all bring forth the beauty off life […]

Manifesting Goals During Winter Solstice

“Winter Solstice is the equivalent of the solar New Year. It is a fertile time to set new intentions. The longest night of the year has been celebrated by many traditions as a sacred and rich time. It is during the winter solstice that the sun hugs closer to the horizon than at any other […]